After publishing my first book several years ago, I decided to take my writing into a new direction. I decided that everything that I wrote from that day on would not only be based on extensive research, but would also be very original and would be different from any other books written by others on--or about--the subject. Like my other books, this latest work is also a book of self-development and, similar to the books I have written earlier, is based on the scientific paradigms of the universal laws and information-resonance phenomena that develop a strong antithetical relationship with the “Divine System of the God Particle.”
The fundamental objective underlying all the books I have written consecutively on this subject arises from my discovery of the phenomenon of information-resonance, the existence of which has still not been properly scrutinized. This book constitutes the assimilation in the form of “Divine Order” of all the details I have written on the Divine System of the God Particle up to now, and while I have referred to some of my previous books in some chapters of this books, this does not mean that you needed to have read the earlier books to understand the ideas I am developing here, as each book is complete in itself and represents the development of my ideas.
In this book I use the shorter term, the “Divine System,” when referencing the idea of the “Divine System of the God Particle.” The Divine System, as used here, is a divine “guidance” mechanism by which the Creator generates the whole universe, life and evolution out of a particle of energy and evolves life through the resonance of the morphic communication of all living beings within a universal structure with a holographic dimension that carries the information of universal laws.
In my extensive research of all documents and texts available on the scientific discipline related to the Divine System, I have never encountered any scientific work under the title of Divine System. I have still not been able to understand why there is such a gap in our body of knowledge and why I have not been able to find anything else written on this subject, despite the fact that there are so many outstanding scientists interested in this subject.
My delving ever deeper into this subject has now led me to this book, a work in which I have examined the scientific aspect of the Divine System’s metaphysical and phenomenal concepts by using a hypothetic-deductive approach. In brief, my book’s subtitle, “A Scientific Approach” expresses the Divine System’s scientific aspect and the hypotheses which I have based on the following premises:
• God particles
• universal laws
• the information-resonance phenomenon
• the metaphysical concept of phenomology
• communication resonance
• the hypothesis of morphic resonance
• biological resonance
• Schumann’s resonance
• the universe’s holographic structure
• the theory of entropy
• the hypothesis that the physical brain does not create thoughts
• the notions of photon-graviton
The Divine System is defined by its metaphysical and phenomenal universal laws and that is why what matters the most is the scientific aspect of the Divine System, rather than that of God Himself.


The Nobel laureate Prof. Leon Lederman was the first to use the term “the God particle.” In 1977, at the end of research he conducted at the Fermilab Laboratory in New Jersey, USA, he identified this very special particle that did not resemble other subatomic particles and he called it the “Goddamn particle.” But Lederman’s assistants insisted that he change this name: “Professor, this could cause a misunderstanding; you’d better call it the God particle.” And although the particle was later named “Oops-Leon,” “God particle” was the name that stuck in mind.
As a result of research begun in the 1960s, Prof. Peter Higgs developed a theory that explained the mass of these particles. According to Higgs, this boson particle integrated with a field of energy and generated the universe. After the completion of a number of theoretical studies, scientists also began referring to the “God particle” as the “Higgs boson particle.” While subatomic particles are the building blocks of the matter the universe, according to the Standard Model, leptons, quarks and “gauge bosons” are its fundamental particles. The bosons are “composite particles” that consist of four “gauge bosons,” a Higgs boson and gravitons.
According to my Divine System hypothesis, the Higgs Boson (God particle) is the particle that comprises divine information. I believe that the secret of the God particle derives from the fact that the universal laws of the Divine System that it contains are codified. The most recent announcement made by CERN concerning the God particle has provided significant proof for my hypothesis.
The God Particle is best explained via the Divine System it contains. The radiation (energy waves) that spread from the “Big Bang” was absorbed by the God Particles, in other words by the Prof. Higgs’ boson particles that suddenly emerged. Some radiation particles acquired mass through the anti-matter particles that were generated, while some did not. For example photons, which provide light as a source of life, were formed by particles without mass.
However, as a result of this process the God particles containing information and anti-matter were supposedly destroyed. Despite this, I believe that the God and anti-matter particles were not destroyed, but that they, rather, became an unseen part of matter by giving it its form and that as a result of this destruction, matter was generated by the fusion of the God particles and anti-matter particles with energy. That is how part of the radiation acquired mass. In other words, the God particle and anti-matter were hidden inside matter.
And because of the disappearance of anti-matter, the atoms that acquired or lost electrons became ionized and set into motion. As a result, the particles containing the divine information constituted the main factor that generated millions of stars, the groups of planets around them and the whole universe and life itself out of nothing. Earth, which separated from the Sun, cooled off and developed a crust on its outer surface and the oceans came into being as a result of the rain.
Thanks to the information carried by the God particles, which enables the oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, phosphor and nitrogen atoms that were generated within the mild waters of the oceans to form chains of amino acids and nucleic acid, the first unicellular living organism, able to reproduce itself, began its journey. The people who study the evolution of this living organism say that about 10.4 billion years have passed since the beginning of that mysterious journey. They base this calculatıon on the fact that the first life forms came into being 3.3 billion years ago in the sea.
Other scientists are now working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where studies are being conducted on the God particle. On March 14, 2013, CERN scientists announced that the God particle’s existence had been proven. Despıte this we see that they had already issued a similar statement on July 4, 2012. The most recent announcement is different from the first in several important ways. Probably the most important difference is that the latest discovery is based on the re-examination of data that are two and a half times more than the findings obtained.
According to Assoc. Prof. Erkcan Özcan, who works at CERN, this most recent announcement has some unique characteristics. As a result of recent studies, it has been decided that the particle found is the Higgs boson. In this discovery the scientists established the rotation model of the God particle, determining that it has zero spin and that it has a positive mirror image to the Standard Model. This last discovery and the demonstrations of these characteristics confirmed the most important and missing aspect of the Standard Model regarding the God particle’s existence.
It is very significant that the God particle, in other words the boson particle, has zero spin, for, as as I have been arguing for many years, it is the God particle carries information. Zero spin can be established by the fact that from every direction the God particle appears as a “point” with a certain mobility and behavior and does not have the symmetry of any other matter-antimatter. Moreover, the fact that the range of its weak force, another characteristic of the God particle, is narrower than its electromagnetic force, was confirmed as a result of the examination of the data.These two developments, as well as scientific statements regarding the graviton particle, provide new and concrete proof for my thesis that the God particle may be carrying information.
According to my hypothesis, the God particle is the universe’s most fundamental building block in that it carries information regarding universal laws. In this sense the God particle is a unique particle that does not resemble other subatomic particles, that does not have a mass or anti-particles, that transforms energy into matter by providing it with information and that also achieves its interaction and communication via gravitons and photons. It is a particle that can be modulated in the sense of autonomous morphic communication and that realizes its communication via the divine information – the gravitons and photons – it contains.
As the Higgs boson does not have any anti-particles, it resulted in the breakdown of the universal symmetry (opposition) and also enabled some particles that consist of pure energy to acquire mass. However, it seems that the symmetry did not actually break down, because the anti-matter particle that disappeared because of the God particle actually formed a new symmetry within matter. I personally believe that the mysterious characteristic of the boson particle, in other words of “the God particle that contains information regarding universal laws,” derives from these facts.

The best way to explain a subject that is difficult to understand and to understand is by defining correctly the words on which it is based.
Three particles are of significance in terms of our subject;
• The God Particle: the Higgs boson particle, which I believe contains divine information.
• Photon: a particle of the electromagnetic field and the carrier of information for living beings’ social characteristics.
• Graviton: A particle of the field of gravity that enables communication between divine information and our world. There are five bosons that have not yet been properly observed and they are all both “fundamental particles” (except for the Higgs boson) and “composite particles.” These are as follows:
• The Higgs boson (God particle), which has neither spin nor mass.
• The four gauge bosons,(which have both spin and mass).
• Gravitons, (carriers of communication within the nucleus’ strong force).
What stands out here is the union between the God particle (Higgs boson) and the graviton particle.
Gravitons carry divine information and act as intermediaries for processes of interaction and communication. In a sense, gravitons act as couriers between the hyper universe and our world, carrying information back and forth. Moreover, gravitons on the one hand carry information to the God particle (i.e. the Higgs boson) and on the other transmit “information on living beings”, carried by photons, to the center of the hyper universe and from there to the world.
The string theory refers to all very short simple particles as “strings.” According to biophysicist Dr. Frank Lee, whose explanations we will discuss in further detail in Chapter 12, because of the tri-dimensional characteristic of our world, the endpoints of strings are attached to the world’s membrane and, as they are “open-ended,” they cannot leave our world. The gravitons on the other hand consist of particles that are “closed,” much like a circle, and are able to leave our world. This difference is due to the fact that because the “strings” vibrate like violin strings that are “attached” to the violin’s body at both ends they are therefore unable to communicate with anywhere outside the world. The graviton particles, on the other hand, are able to go in and out of any space because they are “circular” and therefore closed.
Gravitons are therefore able to interact with photons and with all particles in our world and therefore function as the particles that communicate divine information to our world. In other words thanks to the four “gauge bosons” and the “Higgs boson,” gravitons are able to communicate with all matter particles in our world. Because of the importance of gravitons, Chapter 12 will contain detailed information on this subject.

The worship of Osiris is a monotheistic religion or creed. In encyclopedic sources, James Churchward and some other scholars have stated that “Hermetism” is the esoteric perspective of Osiris worship and that this creed derived from a cosmic doctrine developed on the continent of Mu. According to these theories, the Osiris creed and therefore Hermetism have derived from the Sirius creed. Although research is ongoing on the civilizations and regions of Mu and of Atlantis, books on esotericism are continuing to collect and transmit to us information on tablets that have survived to our day. We learn from these that the universal laws of the universe have existed since before the existence of religions and they also provide us with many clues regarding the period when man believed in the Creator and before he began to worship a number of gods and idols.
The universe’s eternal laws contain sparks that enable man to achieve success, peace and happiness. The belief in one God is the light that guides man in this search. In short, the belief in the Creator existed even prior to monotheistic religions. The power of the belief in the Creator can be defined as a fundamental and indispensable law of nature.
We are living in a period today when science has adopted a stance against theology, but we respond to such naysayers by explaining that while theology is religious metaphysics, it is also a system of thought that is not outside the bounds of the science of physics. Because the Divine System has both a metaphysical and phenomenal structure, theology’s field of interest consists of metaphysical, as well as phenomenal and objective approaches within the religious and therefore Divine system.
In philosophy a phenomenon is described as a concrete event or object that can be perceived and experienced but it cannot be observed with certainty. Some metaphysical and phenomenal concepts become therefore, scientific phenomena through the hypotheses raised about these phenomena. The validation of these hypotheses represent, then, its demonstration. And although some hypotheses (for example the proof of God's existence) cannot be experienced directly, a cause and effect relationship can lead to its correctness.
The information that carries God’s universal laws and the resonance of the morphic fields of man’s thought energy that shapes the universal evolution constitute the two fundamental elements that give vitality to the Divine System. The Creator’s Divine System has brought into being the whole universe within a multi-dimensional universal democracy.
The Divine System is a divine mechanism that shapes evolution with the individual simultaneous contributions of living beings. It also shapes its function via the information-resonance phenomenon that is its own sub mechanism and makes use of mankind’s thought information.
In a general sense, information is codified or structured knowledge. This means that there are two types of information: The first is the Divine System’s information and the other, not entirely independent of the former, is the information that carries mankind’s individual thoughts. For the sake of clarity, we can refer to the first as “divine information” and to the second as “thought formation.” What matters is to set in motion the “thought information” and actualize the “divine information” and “resonance” phenomenon, in other words the mechanism of feedback.
In our quantum universe, the subtle morphic field organized by the Divine System directs the phenomenon of evolution by linking the whole of mankind together. That is why the Divine System, thanks to all its information codifications, is cognizant of mankind’s destiny and is able to redefine it.
These assumptions are as rational an expression as possible of certain concepts that I believe may be defined as abstract truths. These assumptions also offer a rational and alternative retort to the materialist understanding that maintains that evolution occurs in line with laws that are inherent to the essence of matter. In other words, materialists hold that these laws are not the product of an intellect, they are not created, and they exist in the essence of substance. In my understanding, the substance in question is the shaped version of the matter that carries the information particles of the Creator’s universal laws.
However, materialists seem unaware of this phenomenon.The materialist view generally recognizes some of the laws that shape evolution, but it rejects the existence of a force behind these laws or of an “Absolute Intellect.” But all the laws in question should be phenomena created by an absolute intellect or force, for if there are laws by which the information phenomenon manifests itself celestially, there thus has to be a law-maker. That is why the laws that determine universal development did not happen by accident but – also according to our religion – as a result of a “design.” In other words, there is a force that is cognizant of evolution and that force may influence evolution also through mankind’s contribution.
Materialism accepts laws that are scientifically recognized, such as the laws of biology, chemistry and physics; however, materialists generally seem not to be interested in the divine information dimension of quantum laws such as the theory of relativity, the string theory, the law of quantum of gravity and the M theory, which expands the superstring theory to 11 dimensions, put forward by astrophysicists and most of which have developed in the 20th century. (In point of fact the universal cosmic laws to which I keep referring may have originated from the civilization of MU as well as from the Ancient Greek civilization.)
And while I maintain that the universe was built by the universal laws designed by the Divine System, the fundamental thesis set forth by materialists is as follows: “If God exists by himself, it is necessary to accept also a reality other than God." But if we believe in universal laws, should we not believe also in a law-maker?
We can expand my assumptions to an even deeper level when we see that the standard model demonstrates that the radiation that emanated from the “Big Bang” was absorbed by the divine information particles, i.e. the Higgs boson particles, and that is how matter and anti-matter was generated. The God particle and anti-matter were therefore camouflaged within matter. (The anti-matter that was generated through the collision of matter was observed for a while at CERN and it was claimed that traces of the God particle were encountered.) Atoms that acquired or lost electrons because of the destruction of anti-matter were ionized and thus set into motion and, as a result of this motion, particles carrying divine information became the main factors behind the generation of the universe and of life.
As stated by Prof. John Archibald Wheeler, a close friend and colleague of Einstein, the theory of physics was constructed on the concept of “information.” As a consequence, the cosmic laws carried by the Divine System initiated the information based evolution of the universe. The universe was therefore built by the Divine System and that is why the information within the famous God particle is the most significant building block of the universe.
The Divine System, generated within the multi-dimensional “universal democracy” that is the universe, brought into being by the Creator, and to which all people have individually contributed, is a mind-blowing, magnificent divine mechanism. The Divine System links mankind together through its information codes and the morphic field of people’s sensory perceptions, in terms of both macrocosm and microcosm. It is therefore built on morphic fields and on the phenomenon of information-resonance.