The aims of belief in god information;

• Provide significance from a valid scientific perspective to an all-enveloping knowledge of God and to His universal laws.

• Make a synthesis of the ongoing religious, philosophical, historic and scientific truths and interpretations concerning the multi-dimensional existence enigma.

• And, as a consequence of all this, open the door leading to answers satisfying the mind, the heart and the spirit, by means of a comparative analysis of the theses and anti-theses concerning the systems of thought and of faith, within the context of the complex competition between philosophy and religion.

• Shed light on the presumed contradictions between the concepts of Creator, Divinity, God and Allah, and prove by means of scientific explanations that these contradictions do not concern the essence, but are only something imagined in the mind.

• Present the fact that the Great Lord, who is called Allah in Islam, God in Christianity, and Adonay or Elohim in Judaism, and whose existence is true and certain, is the first cause and cause of all other causes, without the addition of interpretations of theism, and with the support of a scientific system of faith and thought that is based on the “information phenomenon.”

In other words, I have set out to prove that at an individual level it is possible to have both a more enlightened mind and a more luminous tomorrow, and to make our life more pleasant and enjoyable.

This book Infotheism, is designed to be a conversation among friends about our lives, and a delivery of letters with glad tidings from one friend to the other. I decided to write as if I am talking to you. It is for this reason that I have been careful to use a style that is informative and explanatory, but is also, at the same time, intimate and simple.

If, however, in places I have used a more encyclopedic and formal language, it is because the subjects I am explaining have a documentary content and the connected disciplines are multi-faceted and multi-layered.

At times I have felt the need to repeat in later chapters certain notes, anecdotes and narratives that I have quoted and underlined at the beginning. I have done this so as to make possible a reading that contains a connection between the subjects explained that is as firm as possible.
My aim is not only to transmit, but also at the same time to inform, instruct, analyze, provide examples, interpret, narrate, communicate, and lift awareness.

The target of belief in god information is;

• To strengthen the dialogue between religions and the scientific basis that will make it easier for different religions and cultures to co-exist.
• To make it possible for people to see the divine Creator by providing scientifically based explanations appealing to a person’s ‘eye of the heart’ and mind.
• To remember,  Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî, closest friend of  Şems-i Tebrizi's belief, “The ultimate stage of the quest is to be found in the searcher." Thence, we may determine our own destiny and we will look where to search and where to find ourselves.

• And to hold a mirror to the Mirror in the infinite depth of truth.