The Correspondence Principle (The Resonance Phenomenon)

The correspondence principle indicates the appropriateness of correspondents—the manner in which certain things correspond to certain other things. It also represents the use of certain connections to stimulate their correspondents so that certain things can get into action. For example, the physical world’s energy, light, vibration and movement principles have their correspondents in certain dimensions of the universe, and these influence each other. The microcosmos carries the information of the macrocosmos. The correspondent of everything and of every phenomenon in the microcosmos exists in the macrocosmos. According to this teaching, astral bodies of the macrocosmos like the moon, the sun, the stars and the planets influence the microcosmos thus playing an important role in people’s absolute destiny.

The correspondence principle occupies an important place within the teachings of Hermetism. According to Hermes, “To be able to solve the mystery of an object and to be able to realize the miracle of a single object, what is below is the correspondent of what is above, and consequently what is above is the correspondent of what is below.” Because of this, the comprehension of the evolution of existence makes it necessary to study the meaning of the macrocosmos and of the microcosmos together.