The body’s data-energy fields

The chemical processes that occur in our bodies would, in fact, be best described as bio-physical processes. These come about from a transfer of electrons in the molecule concerned, and that is in the form of pure energy. Not surprisingly, we have now entered the domain of quantum physics.
For all the myriads of processes that occur in the body to be accomplished correctly, all the necessary information must be transmitted rapidly and accurately. What we can take from this is that there cannot be one metabolic reaction taking place in the body that has not received the correct information or instructions to do so. This is the starting point for the rationale behind system information therapy.
There are three basic principals that differentiate the animate from the inanimate. These are, an ‘electric current’ providing the cells’ energy load, ‘information transfer’ governing and directing all the body’s processes, and finally, the ‘metaphysical component’ that which provides stimulation. There is no more succinct guide than this for our body’s bio-chemistry which is why, with this approach, new thresholds of medicine are inescapable. Our bodies are not some mechanical automated random system, the data is profound and the reality multi-dimensional and must be always regarded as a complex system close to perfection. This does not mean that all classical approaches are wrong, only that the perspectives have irreversibly changed.
The simplistic ‘either-or’ approach to diagnosis has changed to one of multi-causal and where a holistic approach dominates.

Disorders evolve from more than one source and must be treated accordingly. Classical or orthodox medicine’s most successful advances have been in exigency interventions such as A&E, intensive care, surgery and anesthetics and cardiology, however in the treatment of chronic illness there has not been the same level of success. So much so that sometimes the treatment of disorders with medication such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-pyretics actually have a detrimental rather than a beneficial effect by blocking the organs’ functions.

As three quarters of all illnesses are chronic disorders the seriousness of the situation is clear for all to see. The remaining quarter can, even if treated, when augmented with stress, poor diet etc., easily become chronic disorders too. This only goes to emphasize the importance of the new approaches.
One of the standbys of the new procedures is SIT, System Information Therapy, and, as we have had occasion to note before, this bases its treatment on ‘biological resonance’, and it might be the appropriate time to touch on the quantum dimension of this therapy here.
The essential way to characterize SIT would be to start by describing the magnetic field that surrounds each and every particle in the universe. The nature of matter dictates that these fields have vibrational qualities. This discovery was given the name ‘Quantum Activation’ and was part of the body of work that earned Carlo Rubbia director of CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, the Nobel prize in 1984.
The particles of matter represent close to a billionth part of the natural energy field and, for this reason, are activated by the environment that these fields dominate. If were to compare healthy tissue, with that which had gone through pathological change, we would observe that, in the latter, there would be a much lower level of vibrational oscillation (the frequency increases when energy is being down-loaded and decreases when there is an energy drain), there is, at the same time, a loss in the flexibility of that frequency.
In this situation compatibility with external impulses becomes more difficult (there is a loss of structure and balance) incompatibility increases the gravity of the disorder. Long term change will eventually be accepted as normal by organisms and thus a level of natural compatibility is reached. Because of this, even chronic inflammation can become ‘dormant’ because the body has become used to it.
To counter this all the immune system requires is a small stimulation impulse. The effect of this is to give the immune system the appropriate data so as to stimulate a response. System Information Therapy’s potency comes from using endogen (internal) frequencies and represents a cooperative effort with a healthy immune system. This is why, in patients with weak immune systems, the first stage of the therapy is an energy transfer (cell potential should be between 70 and 90 mV) to strengthen their system.
Clinical research has shown that even one session can be enough to register a change in the density of white corpuscles, a reverse in the decrease of lymphocytes (an indicator of weak immunity) and an increase to healthy and stable levels. All of this is possible after only a few weeks of treatment and a healthy immune system can be reinstated.