I hold that the denial of the existence of the Creator is a scientific weakness. Even in our days, it has not been possible to create the first protozoa from nothingness, even in a laboratory. Apart from this, it is also impossible to explain in a scientific way and in its entirety the basic structure of the functioning mechanism of the mind and of intelligence. While even these two observations are enough to see the truth of the Creator, the information phenomenon of His universal laws raises this conclusion to the level of a scientific hypothesis.

Information is the basis of the universe; and energy and matter that are the other foundation stones are put into action by information. The infotheism faith or thought system has been constructed over the Creator’s information. According to this, the Creator has used the ‘Big Bang,’ which was the result of His own thought, to create that magnificent energy, and through the information of the divine system that He sent to it, He initiated the universal evolution. This is exactly like the case of humanity’s DNA being in contact with the universe’s DNA.

One of the aims of infotheism is to introduce new overtures at the concept and hypothesis level, to the paradox of the appearance of the first living cell, which was the beginning of existence. A rational position that might describe the initial stage aims for a perception of the “truth” that, keeping in mind the difference between reality and truth, will refer to a continuous scientific basis for the miracles of nature.

The most important difference between infotheism and atheism derives from the existence of different assumptions. While we know that evolution was shaped and it developed according to the form that the Creator’s information gave to matter, and it continues to function also in our days, atheists continue to insist that non-living substances were organized according to spontaneous natural phenomena and after the appearance of the first protozoa, following a coincidence, the first stage of evolution began.

Atheism’s discourse based on “coincidences” appears to be weak in comparison to infotheism’s stand, according to which the first living cell, all existence, and other living beings could only have appeared as a result of God’s information phenomenon; this is so because we all understand the irrationally of contending that such a complicated universe could possibly be the result of coincidence.

The string theory, a theory that is still at the level of mathematical formulation and one that supports quantum information, is a theory that studies the functioning of the universe in its entirety. The universe is made up of strings and strings are the smallest part of everything. These strings are constantly vibrating sub-atomic particles. Every string that vibrates at a different frequency can lead to a new substance. Because of this intrinsic power of the strings, scientists told believe that they are the storage facilities transporting and transmitting the information of the quantum universe. We can thus say that in a way strings are the DNA of the universe.

Infotheism opposes the atheists’ views concerning the universe’s initial stage and explains the main mechanisms of the evolution process that followed the initial stage on the basis of information. I hope that in the light of these critiques and as a result of 21st century science, atheists will accept that they have lost their atheistic fort that is the main basis of their irreligiosity. And I hope that in this way, similar documentary silliness like the “Religulous” 2008 film produced by the famous American comedian Bill Maurer, which openly makes fun or religions and faiths, will thus become baseless claims.

Even though Infotheism is still at the conceptual stage this system of thought or faith, accepts information at every stage of evolution and includes both the time preceding and following the process of creation of the first protozoa.

The field of perception of humanity is expanding in the light of certain clues and presentiments that the 21st century is beginning to reveal. What we should be careful about is that claiming what cannot be perceived or known does not exist, is just as difficult as claiming that it exists. We cannot claim that sounds beyond certain frequencies do not exist, even though we cannot perceive or hear them. In other words, absence of proof is not proof of non existence.

In metaphysics, claiming existence is faith; “I believe, therefore it must exist.” Just like Descartes’s famous statement, “I think, therefore I am.” My hope is that the information phenomenon at the basis of the universe will move closer to the focus of philosophy and science, and that the infotheism faith or thought will become a sacred place where despair does not govern the heart. In conclusion, let me reiterate that infotheism’s aim is to introduce onto the agenda the information phenomenon, through which God gives movement to His creatures, and to strengthen the championing of theism against non believers.